Newcastle Resident Voices Widely Held Objections to PSE Project

Tom O’Dell has expressed his objections to the PSE project in a two-page letter sent to the Newcastle City Council which he asked to be posted here: Tom_O’Dell_letter . He urges you to do likewise with your local elected representatives.

2 thoughts on “Newcastle Resident Voices Widely Held Objections to PSE Project

  1. K. Laughlin

    From what we know about this project it would permanently change our quality of life in Olympus. I oppose the project for Route M for the following reasons:
    – PSE has not given the Newcastle City Council or the HOA an overall detailed plan information for Route M.
    – PSE has given us no proposed construction plans. How would they accomplish this project?
    They have given us no assurance of safety, no indication of considerable disruption to our community, or even a disaster avoidance plan (because of the pipeline) before, during, or after (either above or below ground) construction.
    – PSE is trying to use a 1929 easement in a small developed neighborhood for modern day use.
    – Our views and property value reduction! PSE has completely ignored this issue. We have all “paid” for our quality of life here, and I believe the majority of us will use all means, (legal and political), to maintain it and prevent this project from happening as “outlined” by PSE.
    – Possible health risks either known or unknown. We have a lot of people, wildlife (including birds), a lake, schools, and a park with regular activities to consider.
    – The PSE website under Community Matters the quote “PSE Cares”, although it does not specifically refer to construction projects, etc., if PSE cares they will devise an alternative plan for Newcastle Route M.
    – Also, PSE has not accelerated their efforts towards energy conservation!
    In researching the Macquarie Group (owner of PSE) the website it states “What we stand for… Our six principles”………….. include:
     Integrity
     Client commitment
     Strive for profitability
     Fulfillment for our people (I changed this as there was a typo on their website)
     Teamwork
     Highest standards
    “Our commitment to these six principles is vital for continued growth and prosperity.”
    The last sentence sticks in my mind. Their prosperity would be at a permanent expense to Newcastle.
    I would like our City Council, and HOA to coordinate and accelerate their efforts to oppose this project.


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