Graphic Simulations of Expanded View Pollution with 95′ and 120′ Transmission Towers

Here is some idea of how the new poles expand the view pollution by being higher than the H poles now in use, as shown in this video: This is along a stretch in M at Olympus in Newcastle. The new poles could be as high as 125′ according to PSE, more than twice the height of current “H” poles: Screen Shot 2014-04-05 at 5.04.12 PM And here is what these monster ugly 120′ poles would look like through Olympus: According to a retired engineer living in Olympus, the 120′ height is the minimum necessary to counteract the increased health hazards from Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMFs) due to doubling the current voltage from 115kV to 230kV.

Do you think PSE has the same or better capabilities to create graphics like these so we can better judge the full impact of its proposed project? We doubt we will be seeing anything of the sort any time soon.


1 thought on “Graphic Simulations of Expanded View Pollution with 95′ and 120′ Transmission Towers

  1. route L res

    Excellent article. Lays out all the issues and clearly explains what PSE is trying to do in our neighborhoods. In this day and age it behooves PSE to behave as a responsible corporate citizen and not try to bulldoze citizens into accepting the same old possibly dangerous and certainly unsightly outdated solutions.


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