Petition to Newcastle City Council

If you live in Newcastle, please sign this online petition:

Signing this requires no pen and ink, and once you provide the information identifying you as a Newcastle resident the petition will be updated and sent to the Newcastle City Council.

Any petitions from other neighborhoods to their city councils or other governing bodies will be welcomed and posted here as well.


1 thought on “Petition to Newcastle City Council

  1. Paul Gilmartin

    The petition fails to mention the safety of school children. Route M requires constructing the new 230kv transmission line on or adjacent to several schools. Route M would impact, among others, high school and other students at Renton Technical, infants and toddlers at Highlands Preschool, grade school students at Sierra Heights Elementary, and more infants and toddlers at New Life Montessori [in Newcastle]. In contrast, Route L does not appear to pass on or adjacent to any school.
    Please read and share my Letter to the Editor in the April 12 edition of the Renton Reporter, available at


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