PSE’s Idea of an Open Meeting

At the 4/21 “Special Q&A Meeting” at the Renton Technical College hosted by PSE to “answer all questions” run by a PSE-paid moderator, there was one person, “CV,” asking questions who was a retired PSE electrical engineer with obvious deep knowledge of how PSE operates and works with other major power companies like BPA and Seattle City Light. His questions were so penetrating and the panel responses so off point and confused that they seemed relieved when the moderator cut CV off when his allotted time was up. Several people in the audience shouted they wanted to hear him keep talking, he was onto something meaty, but the moderator refused and told CV to leave the microphone. One elderly gentleman in the back of the room, speaking in a British accent, said, “How many here want to suspend the rules so this gentleman can keep speaking, let’s vote by a show of hands,” and an overwhelming majority raised their hands. Still, the moderator refused and told CV he could speak again later after everyone else had a first chance to speak. CV did speak again much later, after about half the room had left for home.

What most people in the room didn’t see at the time of the show of hands was how this British “parliamentarian” was treated to a special “PSE outreach” from security guards. My, what a security risk — getting people to raise their hands.





1 thought on “PSE’s Idea of an Open Meeting

  1. Sue Stronk

    I saw it –I was there –wonder how many under-cover cops they also hired to be there–just more expenses for PSE to pass on to rate-payers because they can!


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