Sign The Petition!

Some Bellevue citizens have put together a petition to the five cities who have permitting authority for PSE’s proposed project to ask them to enact a moratorium of one year on this project so we and our elected representatives can get more facts and update safety and other code regulations to better protect us from this industrial blight PSE wants to impose on us and make us pay for.

We may differ among ourselves on the specific wording of this petition — for example, why not a moratorium for three years, since demand for energy from PSE has been flat for the last three years according to its annual 10k filing to the SEC, and that demand will probably remain that way for the next three years?

With a moratorium of that kind of duration there is also more room for new technologies to mature so we aren’t saddled with dinosaur overhead power lines for the next 30 to 50 years. But whenever we have an effort like this petition, we need to show our solidarity and sign it online. If you want to promote your own petition, meanwhile, go to and launch it! We will post it here, too.


1 thought on “Sign The Petition!

  1. Matthew Dixon

    Our house has a easment for the power lines on our property so we are very close to the lines. We are afraid that higher poles will evern more depress our propperty value and make us more suseptable to electrical field radiation.


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