A Moving Personal Appeal to PSE’s CEO: “Can We Start Over?”

UPDATE: It took several weeks, but PSE finally found a PR person to answer on behalf of PSE’s CEO. It is posted here without comment.


This letter from Bellevue resident Don Marsh seeks to restart the PSE “public outreach” process which has failed in so many ways to engender trust and get all the facts out in an unbiased way. It is written with the soft, reasoning voice of a David trying to reconcile with a mean Goliath. We hope this will be just the first of many such letters!

Just one of several gems in it:

“Just imagine, if you will, what the debate would be if you had included an underground option for us to consider. Instead of trying so hard to convince us your way is the only way, you could say ‘Here’s an underground route. It will preserve your views and property values, but it will cost everyone two dollars more each month on their electricity bill.’ Then there could be a public debate about whether that is how we want to spend our money. Doesn’t that sound a little more like democracy in action, giving everyone a say in decisions that will affect us all for decades to come?”

Please read the whole thing.




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