Message to PSE: Start Over and Do It Right!

How many people still play PSE’s “Citizen Advisory Group” (CAG) shell game and think it isn’t rigged in PSE’s favor? PSE uses  control of its manipulated “public input” as an effective way to limit discussion to its desires, then later it twists that input to say, “Hey, this is the route the communities tell us they want,” as if PSE had held a free and open referendum on all reasonably suitable routes.

That is why Andy Wappler could so smugly and cynically say to the Seattle Times, “If the communities can create consensus about where they want the route to go, that’s the route we’ll use.”

This cartoon calls Andy out on this:



1 thought on “Message to PSE: Start Over and Do It Right!

  1. eastsidefootballclubgoestoeurope

    Well, the people at the South CAG meeting did vote. They voted overwhelmingly for the Seattle City Light line, Undergrounding and Submerging. Although PSE did not have that on it’s list, that is what the people asked for.

    I wonder if PSE will honor what Andy says? If so, I would say the community has spoken.

    After all, he is just their PR person. His job is to read what his boss tells him to. We don’t ever hear much from Kim Harris, do we? This must not be important enough for the actual CEO to attend one of her CAG meetings and actually hear what the community is advising.


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