Newcastle’s Olympus Homeowners Association Opposes PSE Project

The Olympus Homeowners Association’s board voted recently to oppose PSE’s proposed “Energize Eastside” project with a statement including the following language:

“We believe this project should be put on hold until all the facts from credible sources can be understood and that all reasonable alternatives to the proposed corridors have been thoroughly considered. From what we can gather to date, better solutions may exist or have not thoroughly been examined. These alternatives include a combination of undergrounding lines, partnering with other local utility companies, local power generation, and electricity storage for peak demand, and conservation incentives which may alter the supply and demand forecast as presented by PSE. PSE has had three years to plan the project, but the community thus far has had 3 months to respond and will have to live for decades by whatever decisions are made.” (Full text available here)

Also included in the statement, this mockup of how just one of many views will be impacted:

Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 9.30.09 PM




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