California Does It Right: High Voltage Poles Dismantled and 500kV Lines Put Underground

While PSE remains stuck in its 19th-Century tunnel vision of “all-wires-overhead-all-the-time” mentality, enlightened California demonstrates what can be done to reverse industrial blight to preserve neighborhoods’ quality of life: Southern California Edison is in the process of dismantling massive power line towers in Chino Hills, California.

“The utility had intended to string 500-kilovolt power lines through the towers, above residential homes, until the state Public Utilities Commission voted 3-2 in July to re-route 3.5 miles of the project underground. The decision reversed a 2009 PUC vote to permit the above-ground lines through 5 miles of Chino Hills.”

Hello, WUTC? This is what a utility commission can do that regulates in the public interest. You might take note and follow suit. Unsafe and unsightly overhead power lines are anachronisms that belong in nobody’s back yard!

Here is the link to the whole Chino Hills story:

Hat tip to Lisa Taylor for sending us the link!



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