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Opposition Grows, CENSE (Coalition of Eastside Neighborhoods for Sensible Energy) Formed

Citizens from all 5 cities opposed to PSE’s proposed “Energize Eastside” project have banded together to form CENSE (Coalition of Eastside Neighborhoods for Sensible Energy). Their newly launched web site,, describes this diverse group as follows:

“We are not an anonymous group with a hidden agenda. Our members are your friends and neighbors, all volunteers, with no source of funding (we may ask for donations to fund legal efforts soon). Most of us don’t have any prior knowledge about electricity transmission or the grid. Fortunately, we have a technical task force that includes a system planner who worked for PSE for 25 years, and Seattle City Light and Tacoma Power for 5 years each.”

CENSE has organized into various task forces to get their message out and to make sure the 5 cities and other governmental entities charged with permitting PSE’s proposed project have complete and trustworthy facts and enough time to evaluate them. Among the questions they pose at their new website:

1. Is this project, which will cost Eastside residents a quarter of a billion dollars, really necessary?
2. Are 13-story poles running over our homes and through our neighborhoods the only viable solution?
3. Can citizens play a role in making these decisions? Or is our future at the mercy of a privately owned monopoly?

Their website “will attempt to answer these questions using common sense, industry expertise, and information extracted from thousands of pages of PSE’s own documents.”

Welcome and good luck!

Be sure to also check out, created by citizens living along Lake Washington in what PSE has designated as the L segment. These people sued PSE, King County and the Port of Seattle, alleging that several of the easements PSE might use for “Energize Eastside” are invalid for that purpose. Those easements are limited to surface use only (railroads used these for trains), but they do not extend to the air above or the land below (spaces needed for overhead lines and the big concrete foundations to hold them). In addition, these easements are included in the federal “Trails for Rails” program, and by law these trails need to be readily convertible back to rail use if the decision is made to do that. Not too easy to do with giant poles, lines and concrete foundations in the way.

Looks like PSE paid $13.3 million for easements that won’t do them any good. How competent is this outfit? Just one more indication that PSE’s two currently promoted routes are awful options, especially when compared to a number of alternative routes PSE eliminated without public input that make much more sense. They need to go back to the drawing board.

Stay tuned for more on that.


Be sure to also



EMFs Affect Air Quality from Overhead Power Lines

The link below summarizes the the effects of overhead power lines on EMF, Air Quality and Electrical Fields from Overhead Power Lines:
 “The level of emf that a person may be exposed to depends on the distance they are located from the line, the amount of time they spend in close proximity to the line and the unique properties of that particular power line.
“It is therefore very important to create as much distance between yourself and the power line as possible.
“Double story homes with bedrooms upstairs as well as multilevel commercial buildings have a potentially higher risk of emf exposure as they are located closer to the power line itself.
“Probably the most over-looked problem in relation to power lines is the concentration of pollution in the area of the lines. Due to the build of static around the lines particulates in the air are attracted to the area. The problem is made worse when the power line is located close to a source of pollution (industry, busy road, coal fired power station etc.).
“When an oxygen molecule (O2) becomes electrically charged or “radicalized” it tries to steal electrons from other molecules, causing damage to the DNA and other molecules. Over time, such damage may become irreversible and lead to disease including cancer
“Ecolibria have found that in many cases the property may be located a safe distance away from the power line but the backyard or area in which walking and playing is often enjoyed, is not a safe distance away.
“Breathing in charged particles has been linked to an increase in free radicles in the body which in turn has been linked to many adverse health effects including cancer. If the particles themselves are hazardous pollutants from car emissions or industry then the risk is potentially greater.”

Graphic Simulations of Expanded View Pollution with 95′ and 120′ Transmission Towers

Here is some idea of how the new poles expand the view pollution by being higher than the H poles now in use, as shown in this video: This is along a stretch in M at Olympus in Newcastle. The new poles could be as high as 125′ according to PSE, more than twice the height of current “H” poles: Screen Shot 2014-04-05 at 5.04.12 PM And here is what these monster ugly 120′ poles would look like through Olympus: According to a retired engineer living in Olympus, the 120′ height is the minimum necessary to counteract the increased health hazards from Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMFs) due to doubling the current voltage from 115kV to 230kV.

Do you think PSE has the same or better capabilities to create graphics like these so we can better judge the full impact of its proposed project? We doubt we will be seeing anything of the sort any time soon.